Firewood Cutting Permits

Firewood Permits

Firewood cutting on the Siuslaw National Forest is allowed by permit only from the beginning of October through the end of February (although cutting and removing firewood outside this timeframe may be authorized on a case-by-case basis; inquire at district office).

Permit Information

Forest Product Permit Duration Permit Fee ($) Allowable Quantities Supplemental Request Form Required? Remarks
Firewood (personal use)

Two choices:
A) 20 days or
B) 40 days


A) 1-3 cords harvested over 20-day period, or

B) Max 6 cords harvested over 40-day period
No Max of 6 cords per household per calendar year
Firewood (commercial use) 30 days $120 for 6 cord minimum; $20 per additional cord

Hebo Ranger District: Minimum of 6 cords. No maximum.

Central Coast Ranger District: 6-15 cords

Types Of Firewood Permits

There are two types of firewood permits available, Personal Use and Commercial Use.

Personal-Use Permits

Cutting of firewood is allowed in designated or approved areas (see district specific information); designated areas primarily provide dead and downed logs left behind after a timber sale. Other personal-use areas may include significant roadside blowdown or standing live alder. Individuals may, upon request, be permitted to remove specific downed trees outside of designated cutting areas; contact the ranger district where the tree is located.

Permit allows:

  • 20 days to harvest 1–3 cords
  • 40 days to harvest up to 6 cords
  • Max of 6 cords per calendar year per household (use a commercial-use permit for additional cords)

2023 Season for Hebo Ranger District: Personal firewood permits are available starting Tuesday, Oct. 10.
2023 Season for Central Coast Ranger District: Personal firewood permits are available starting Monday, Oct. 2.

Commercial-Use Permits

Commercial-use permits are intended for people who are re-selling firewood collected from Forest Service land, requesting standing hazard trees, or for those who want more than the 6 cords per year available by personal-use permit. Commercial-use firewood cutting areas are typically standing trees along segments of designated Forest Service roads.

Permit allows:

  • 30 days to harvest a minimum of 6 cords on the Hebo Ranger District. There is no maximum of cords per calendar year on the Hebo Ranger District.
  • 30 days to harvest 6–15 cords on the Central Coast Ranger District.

Prior to requesting your permit, we strongly encourage you to visit cutting areas and select three or more areas of preference (see district-specific information below). Expect to walk some roads to assess vehicle access. Expect roads to have water bars, narrow falling areas, or require 4-wheel drive.

2023 Season for Hebo Ranger District: Commercial permits will not be available this year on the Hebo Ranger District.
2023 Season for Central Coast Ranger District: Commercial firewood permits are available starting Monday, Oct. 2.

How to Obtain a Permit

Permits are issued at the ranger district office that oversees the different firewood cutting areas. Dates and times when permits become available vary by district, but the season typically begins in early October.

The individual purchasing the permit will be identified on the permit and must be present during the cutting, loading, and hauling of firewood.

Permit specifics:

  • Permits are NOT transferable.
  • When applying for a permit, you must show a government ID.
  • Pay for commercial permits with cash, check, or debit/credit cards.
  • Permits expire on the date shown on the permit or when the purchased number of cords have been gathered, whichever comes first.
  • Only one permit will be issued to an individual at a time.
  • Permits are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • A permit allows the permittee to gather firewood in a designated area for a certain time period, as stated on the permit.
  • Permits may not be transferred to another person. Lost or stolen permits cannot be replaced. Firewood cutters must have their permit in their possession when harvesting and transporting firewood. Load tickets must be attached to each (1/4) cord of wood before leaving the cutting area. Load Tickets provided must be securely attached to the back of the load and clearly visible. Permittees must comply with firewood permits or be subject to fines up to $5,000 or permit forfeiture. 
  • Firewood areas are subject to change as the season progresses and the availability of firewood changes.

District Specific Information

Hebo Ranger District

Due to staffing shortages, permits will only be available by appointment starting Oct. 10, 2023. Please contact Jessica at 503-392-5131 or to schedule an appointment for a personal firewood permit. Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hebo Ranger District
31525 Hwy 22
Hebo, OR 97122

Phone: (503) 392-5100

Central Coast Ranger District

The Central Coast Ranger District issues permits from the Reedsport and Waldport offices beginning Oct. 2, 2023. Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact: Central Coast Ranger District

  • District Ranger Station
    1130 Forestry Lane
    Waldport, Oregon 97394
    Phone: (541) 563-8400
  • Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
    855 Highway 101
    Reedsport, Oregon 97467
    Phone: (541) 271-6000

What Can I Cut?

Firewood cutting areas on the Siuslaw National Forest are usually a mix of conifer and red alder. Conifers include Douglas-fir, western hemlock, and Sitka spruce. Check with your nearest district office to find out what is available.

Do NOT Cut Trees that provide important wildlife habitat. Standing and down dead trees (snags) provide a source of food, nests, perches, and protective cover for many birds and mammals in the forest. Do not cut trees with paint marks or signs, broken tops, trunk holes, or visible nests.

How to Protect the Forest While Cutting

To be a good steward of the land, please:

  • Protect water quality and fish habitat by avoiding cutting, piling, or gathering firewood near any stream, pond, lake, marshy, or wet area. Check your permit for guidance on specific distances.
  • Cut only in your permitted area.
  • Leave your firewood cutting area clean.
  • Scatter debris away from roads, culverts, and ditches.
  • Pack garbage and food scraps out with you.

How do I Measure Firewood?

  • Firewood is commonly measured in cords.
  • A cord of wood consists of 128 cubic feet or the amount of tightly piled wood in a stack 4 feet wide and 4 feet high by 8 feet long.
  • Firewood shall not be hauled in lengths greater than 6 feet.
  • Using a calculator and measuring tape, you can get a close estimate on how much wood you are loading into a pickup, depending on the size bed and area filled.