Rules for Riding OHV (Off Highway Vehicles)

Here are the Rules

Know the regulations before you arrive – it’s your responsibility. You can find information, including all the Rules for Riding, lists of OHV permit vendors, and vehicle class definitions on the Oregon State Parks website ( or by calling Oregon Parks and Recreation Department information center at 1.800.551.6949.

The State of Oregon establishes and administers OHV permits and regulations. State, County and Forest Service law enforcement personnel patrol both the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and the Sand Lake Recreation Area on a regular basis.

Off Highway Vehicle Permits

An OHV permit issued by the State of Oregon is required if you want to operate your motorized on public land and even then, the land must be specifically designated for OHV use. On the Siuslaw National Forest, there are two areas that are designated OHV riding areas:

Wondering if your off road vehicle permit from another state is valid in Oregon? See "Permits from Other States" information on the Oregon State Parks website ( for a list of states that have reciprocity with Oregon.

Remember! In addition to the OHV permit issued by the State of Oregon for your vehicle, the Siuslaw National Forest also requires recreation permits for most campgrounds and day use staging areas. Check the specific area where you will be riding for details.

Check the Motor Vehicle Use Map

The Siuslaw National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map displays National Forest System routes (roads and trails) and areas that are open to motorized travel. Designated motor vehicle roads, motorized trails and motorized cross country travel areas are outlined in these maps.

Additional Rules for Riding on the Siuslaw National Forest

Curfew and Portable Toilet Requirements for Sand Lake Recreation Area

Sound Levels

Increased OHV use and the popularity of aftermarket mufflers means more noise. Noise buffers are located between residential and recreational riding areas, and are closed to motorized travel. Vehicle sound is measured by a decibel meter positioned 20 inches and 45 degrees from the exhaust outlet. Have your vehicle checked! Forest personnel are equipped to provide sound checks. Vehicles operating over the decibel limit are subject to citation

Alcohol Ban

  • Possession of alcohol is prohibited in Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) riding areas outside of developed sites. Details about the Alcohol Ban in OHV Riding Areas

Spark Arresters

  • Spark arresters are part of the muffler system and are required nation-wide on National Forest lands

Some of the most common infractions on the open sand are:

  • Supervision: Under age 16 riding without supervision

  • Helmets: Under age 18 without helmet (with chinstrap)

  • Flags & Tags: No OHV decal on truck, car, motorhome. Red or Orange Flags (8”x 12”) must be displayed 9 feet above the ground on all vehicles

  • Fire extingusher: No fire extinguisher on truck, car, motorhome

  • Sound Levels: Mufflers above the 97 decibel range (Sand Lake Recreation Area). Mufflers above the 93 decibel range (Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area)

  • Lights: Lights must be used in limited visibility (before sunrise, after sunset, or when you cannot see clearly ahead for 100 feet).