Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area OHV


The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is known for its wind-sculpted sand dunes towering to 500 feet above sea level. Adventure seekers can experience the thrill of riding through vast open dunes or meandering through designated sand routes surrounded by shore pine, waxmyrtle, huckleberry, and salal.

Where Can I Ride?

About half of the area that comprises the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is open to motorized vehicles. Three main areas listed below offer riding opportunities and camping and staging areas. However, it is just as important to know where you can't ride.

North OHV Riding Area Map – Siltcoos to South Jetty 

Middle OHV Riding Area Map – Umpqua Dunes

South OHV Riding Area Map – Horsfall – Spinreel

Learn more about the Oregon Dunes Designated Routes project here.

Where Can I Camp or Stage?

Campgrounds fill quickly along the Oregon Coast during the summer and on holiday weekends. All campgrounds and sandcamping areas on the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area require a digital reservation and payment. Campsites can be reserved online at www.recreation.gov or phone 1.877.444.6777. See our Sand Camping page for complete details on the Sand Camping Program at the Oregon Dunes.

Camping in the North OHV Riding Area– Siltcoos to South Jetty 

Driftwood II Campground

Siltcoos Sand Camping

South Jetty Area

South Jetty Sand Camping

Camping in Middle OHV Riding Area – Umpqua Dunes

Umpqua Sand Camping

Camping in South OHV Riding Area – Horsfall to Spinreel

Hauser Sand Camping

Horsfall Beach Campground

Horsfall Campground

Horsfall Sand Camping

Spinreel Campground

Spinreel Sand Camping

OHV Rules for Riding

For more information, contact the Oregon Dunes Visitor Center at 541-271-6000.