Fortuna Crew 22 clears Wooley Creek Trail

CCC Volunteer Group Photo Section of large tree cut from trail Section of large tree removed from the trail Clear passage on the trail through the removed section of tree


Great news for all you hikers out there! The Wooley Creek trail system, on the Orleans/Ukonom Ranger District of the Six Rivers National Forest, has undergone some recent maintenance and has been cleared of obstacles all the way to Fowler’s Cabin—approximately 10 miles. The trail had been impacted by wildfires—snags (standing dead trees) had fallen along the trail like a game of giant “pick-up sticks,” creating an almost impenetrable tangle of trees on the ground and overhead.

Taking on the challenge of clearing this trail were California Conservation Corps’ Fortuna Crew 22 and their supervisor Cedar Long, and Ukonom trails volunteer Chris Valle-Riestra. The crew departed on October 7, 2015, and for the next eight days, used a variety of hand tools to clear downed trees, cut back brush, and repair damaged trail tread in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. They also used a crosscut saw, otherwise known as the misery whip. Just ask anyone who’s ever used a crosscut saw and they’ll tell you how it got its nickname!

While the crew worked hard during that eight days in the wilderness, they also got a chance to witness Mother Nature at her best. They saw elk, a bald eagle, bear, skunks, a swift blue-tailed skink, and Chinook salmon spawning in Wooley Creek.

Now that the trail has been cleared, it’s now safe to enjoy by all hikers. Since the trail is at a lower elevation, it can be enjoyed almost any time of the year. So pack up your gear and head out for the Wooley Creek Trail to experience all of nature’s beauty yourself. And, if you make it all the way to Fowler’s Cabin, don’t forget to sign the log book!