Water Safety Coalition

Purpose of the Water Safety Coalition

To work cooperatively to educate recreationists about water safety hazards and issues in the northwestern California area to reduce injuries and deaths. The core geographic areas of focus are Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties; coastal beaches of Humboldt and Del Norte counties; Smith, Klamath, Trinity, California Salmon, Mad, Eel and Van Duzen Rivers.

Water Safety

Boating and fishing on the Northcoast rivers and coastal beaches can be fun and exciting. Make your visit to the water more fun by being safe. Take the time to review our Water Safety Principles and a calendar of when the waters on the Northcoast are most dangerous. more »

Coalition History

Summer 2001 saw a high number of drownings on rivers and lakes in the Six Rivers National Forest due to higher than normal water levels and flows, cold water conditions, drug and alcohol consumption, and visitors from outside the northwest California area who were unfamiliar with local conditions. A Six Rivers National Forest news release reminding people of the river hazards prompted a call from the County of Humboldt Department of Health and Human Services offering assistance to make people aware of these hazards. A meeting was held in July 2001 between the Forest Service and the Health Department. Among the discussions held at the meeting was the need for an ongoing coordinated, yearlong awareness and education campaign regarding water safety and hazards. Agencies and groups were identified as potential interested parties. more »

Participating Agencies and Organizations

Subsequent meetings have resulted in additional agencies and organizations with a stake in water safety joining the coalition. The primary participating groups are the National Weather Service, California Department of Water Resources, Forest Service, National Park Service, California State Parks, Wing Inflatables, County of Humboldt Department of Health and Human Services, Humboldt County Sheriff's Department, California Department of Boating and Waterways, and Humboldt State University Center Activities. New members from the core geographic area are welcome to join at any time.

Agency Contacts
Agency/Organization Contact Person Phone number
 Humboldt State University Center Activities Dave Nakamura 707-826-3357
 California Department of Water Resources Sherry Constancio 707-445-6576
 California Department of Boating and Waterways Phaedra Bota 916-263-8188
 Humboldt County Public Health Branch, Department of Health & Human Services Jan Alcock 707-268-5565
 Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Roy Reynolds 707-268-3637
 National Weather Service Troy Nicolini 707-443-7641 x223
 US Forest Service, Six Rivers National Forest Bob Hemus 530-627-3291
 USDI Bureau of Land Management Julie Clark 707-825-2349
 USDI National Park Service, Redwood National and State Parks Jeff Denny 707-464-6101 x5260
 Wing Inflatables Bill Wing 707-826-2887