Fire Danger Project Activity Level & Wood Cutting

During summer, early fall, or fire season, parts of the Six Rivers National Forest may be closed to cutting due to fire danger or extreme weather conditions. Between May 1 and December 1, call (707) 441-3665 for a pre-recorded message of the predicted Project Activity Level (PAL) requirements for the next day. It is the permittee’s responsibility to comply with fire prevention precautions that may restrict access to areas in the forest.

Fuelwood Permit Requirements/Restrictions

  1. Chainsaws and other internal combustion engines must be equipped with a Forest Service-approved spark-arrester system.
  2. As a precaution, permittee’s are required to have a UL-approved fire extinguisher and a shovel with an overall length of at least 46 inches within 25 feet of chainsaw operations.
  3. No firewood cutting in the following areas: active timber sale areas; posted “no wood cutting” areas; wilderness areas; administrative sites; within 150 feet of campgrounds; and within 300 feet of rivers, year-round streams, and lakes.
  4. Follow Project Activity Level (PAL) requirements:
PAL Restrictions
A No additional permit restrictions
B No additional permit restrictions
C No additional permit restrictions
D No fuelwood cutting after 1PM.
Ev/E (Red Flag Days) No fuelwood cutting at any time.
This permit is void when a emergency fire closure is enacted.

Predicted PALs for September 18, 2020:

District (PAL Area) Project Activity Level
Gasquet District (Area 110) A
Orleans / Lower Trinity District (Area 112/115) B
Ukonom District (Area 200) B
Mad River District (Area 130) B

Personal-Use Firewood on the Six Rivers National Forest: Additional information.