Tree Mortality

Bark Beetles 

Western Pine BeetleAlong the West Coast through the Rocky Mountains, bark beetles have affected tens of millions of acres of forest. While bark beetles are native to U.S. forests and play important ecological roles, they can cause extensive tree mortality and negative economic and social impacts. Climate change has led to an increase in these damaging effects, and the Forest Service is working to better understand bark beetle ecology and to improve forest management. Read more...

Stanislaus National Forest

Hazard TreeThe Stanislaus National Forest is implementing a plan for the strategic treatment of hazards posed by tree mortality on public land, and is seeking more resources to address these concerns. Future treatment areas will focus on identified high hazard areas, to include: land adjacent to communities; campgrounds and trail heads; administrative facilities; and alongside roadways. Read more...


Additional Information 

Staff from the Stanislaus National Forest will be present at the Tuolumne County Tree Mortality Community Forums. For more information and forum dates, go to:

The US Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service has released federal funding to assist in the removal of trees on private forestlands.
For more information please call 209-223-6535. The press release can be viewed here.