Fire and Aviation Management


The Stanislaus National Forest has a diverse Fire and Aviation Management program that is strongly committed to the management of all aspects of wildfire operations. Initial and extended attack of wildfire includes planning, fuels management, prescribed burning, prevention, suppression, and using state-of-the-art tools and technology in dynamic and changing environments.  We are proud to be a part of the largest wildfire firefighting force in the world.

We stand behind the agency's top priority to maintain and improve the health, diversity, and productivity of forest ecosystems for the enjoyment of current and future generations.  We are enthusiastic about reducing hazardous fuels, improving forest health, and returning fire to our ecosystem in a deliberate and dedicated manner.

The Stanislaus National Forest Fire and Aviation Management Program maintains strong relationships with collaborators and partners, including international, federal, tribal, state, and local agencies.  In addition, Fire and Aviation Management personnel work with all resource areas – biology, archaeology, timber, wildlife, lands and minerals, and range – to address the many challenges that come with managing wildfire and fuels in a fire-adapted ecosystem.

We invite you to explore the following pages to learn more about the Stanislaus National Forest Fire and Aviation Management:



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Our Fire Management Organization:  The Stanislaus National Forest has a robust and dynamic Fire Management organization.  Our Forest is host to a wide variety of fire suppression, prevention, detection, and aviation resources and personnel.  To learn more about the types of resources we have available, click the picture.


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Fuels Management: Fire and Fuels Management work hand-in-hand on the Stanislaus National Forest.  In order to reduce the severity of wildfire behavior, improve defensible space around infrastructure and adjoining lands, and to enhance the forest ecosystem health, we utilize a wide variety of fuels treatment planning and implementation.  Click the picture to learn more about Fuels Management efforts on the Stanislaus National Forest.

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Prescribed Fire As part of our Fire and Fuels Management program, we manage an integrated prescribed fire program.  Prescribed fire (often called controlled burning) can be used for a variety of purposes.  This includes: to manage natural and human-activity related fuels, maintain areas that have already been treated, aid in meeting resource management objectives, support cultural heritage practices, and sustain ecosystem values.  Visit this page by clicking the picture to learn more about prescribed fire on the Stanislaus National Forest.

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Fire Prevention:  Our Fire Prevention Program is designed around educating Forest users about preventing human-caused wildfires and enforcing our rules and regulations.  Through multiple initiatives and campaigns, such as the “One Less Spark, One Less Wildfire” initiative and our Smokey Bear educational programs, we work to ensure Forest users are able to enjoy their activities on the Forest while mitigating the risk of accidentally starting a wildfire.  Click the picture to learn more about our Prevention Program.

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Fire Danger and Restrictions: The Stanislaus National Forest moves in and out of Fire Restrictions (i.e. burning and campfire restrictions) as the seasons change and the danger of wildfire increases or decreases.  Learn about fire danger ratings, current fire restrictions, and how to put out a campfire effectively, by clicking the picture.

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Smoke Management:  While fire is a very important process for maintaining healthy forest ecosystems, the Stanislaus National Forest is sensitive to the need for smoke management during fire operations.  We work collaboratively with the local and state air quality boards and districts to meet mandates and targets for our smoke management efforts.  Click the picture to learn about how smoke from fires on the Stanislaus National Forest may (or may not) affect air quality in your area.

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Fire History and Ecology Science has changed the way we think about wildfire and the way we manage it. We suppress fires often, especially to protect communities and resources, but we also use it to make forests and grasslands healthier and to protect communities and natural resources - especially clean, abundant water.  Click the picture to learn more about the fire ecology and history of the Stanislaus National Forest.

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Types of Fire: Fire is a critical and effective management tool – one of many in our toolbox.  When conditions are appropriate and specific management needs warrant it, we utilize fire to play its important role in our forest’s health.  Click the picture to learn about the different types of fire and the terminology we use to describe fire.

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Fire Information:  Curious about a current fire?  Need to report a fire?  This page provides numerous resources and links available online – including to InciWeb, the nationwide online source for incident related information.  Click the photo to learn more.

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Employment: Interested in joining our team?  We use a variety of hiring methods to build our diverse and highly qualified workforce.  It’s important to know that the application process and deadlines for hiring our firefighters comes very early each the New Year.  If you’re interested in learning more about our hiring process, please click here.




For more information on the USFS National Fire and Aviation Management, Click here.