Stanislaus National Forest Looks to Partner With Tesla Motors

Release Date: Dec 14, 2023

A Tesla Cyber Truck stuck in light snow on an alpine forest
Benjamin Cossel, Public Affairs Officer, Stanislaus National Forest
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Stanislaus National Forest Looks to Partner With Tesla Motors

New partnership would look to increase Off Road Vehicle Use understanding for Cybertruck Drivers and other users

A Tesla Cyber Truck stuck in light snow on an alpine forestSONORA, Calif. (December 14, 2023) – For car enthusiasts, the recent sightings of Tesla’s Cybertruck vehicle across National Forest Lands in California is exciting. However, with the increasing number of incidents involving the immediately recognizable vehicle, Forest Managers are eager for the opportunity to partner with Tesla Motor Corporation on an education campaign regarding off-road vehicle use on public lands.

“We are always thrilled when new opportunities to explore our public lands become available,” said Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor Jason Kuiken. “But feel there may be work to be done in educating users about our Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM).”

Kuiken was responding to a recent incident on the Stanislaus National Forest involving a Tesla Cybertruck that apparently lost traction and slid down an embankment on a well-known Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) area on the Forest’s Calaveras Ranger District while harvesting a Christmas tree in an moment that has since gone viral on social media.

“We feel confident that had the driver of the Cybertruck had a better understanding of the topographical feature indicated on our maps, practiced Leave No Trace principles, and generally been more prepared, this whole incident could have been not only avoided, but also provided much-needed education to many new off-road users.”

Across the U.S. Forest Service’s Region 5 (encompassing all of California, Hawaii, and other Pacific Island Partners) there are more than 15,867.8 miles of trails of which more than 5,000 are motorized.

“This number does not include our vast road system,” noted Christina Henderson, Region 5 Acting Public Services Director.

To that end, Kuiken is proposing a new, educational partnership between the Stanislaus National Forest and Tesla Motors.

“You never have to worry about a software update at an incredibly awkward moment with one of our MVUM maps,” Kuiken said. “We would invite executives of Tesla Motors to sit down at the table with us and develop an educational experience for new Cybertruck owners. We expect we could see this excited new user base joining our well-established OHV community and want to ensure we’ve done everything to create a positive user experience.”

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