Release Date: Nov 17, 2017  

Contact(s): Diana Fredlund (209) 288-6261

SONORA, CALIFORNIA, Nov. 17, 2017 – Stanislaus National Forest fire officials announced all lightning strike fires that were burning on the forest are either fully contained or out.

The Summit Complex Fire, which included the Douglas, Willow and McCormick fires, were declared out. The Creek Fire was called 100 percent contained and the Bummers Fire was called controlled.

“The wet weather over the past week made conditions too wet for these fires to continue,” said Clint Gould, acting deputy fire chief. “Any fire activity on the Creek or Bummers fire is very low intensity and both fires are completely contained.” 

Gould explained that containment is defined by the amount of fire hose or fire breaks surrounding a fire, while control is the probability that a fire could cross a containment line. “First a fire is contained,” he said. “Only then do we assess how likely it is to remain a well-managed fire.”

Forest leaders made the decision earlier in the season to not actively suppress fires started by lightning strikes if they met certain conditions like humidity levels and location. “We actively managed these fires for multiple benefits, including reducing the risk of high-intensity, uncontrolled fires by decreasing the amount of woody debris on the forest,” said Jason Kuiken, Stanislaus National Forest supervisor. “Decreasing the fuel load offers benefits to the community and firefighters, but equally important, managed low-intensity fire helps restore forest health.”

Gould noted that fire crews will monitor the Bummers and Creek fires until they too are declared out.