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Some seasonal roads on Stanislaus National Forest may remain closed past April 15

Contact(s): Diana Fredlund

SONORA, Calif. – Stanislaus National Forest will open seasonal roads beginning April 15, but forest crews need to inspect the roads to ensure there was no damage from this year’s winter storms.

Scott Tangenberg, deputy forest supervisor, said workers haven’t been able to inspect many forest roads yet because some are still covered with snow.

“Traveling on wet or snowy roads can damage them, which is why we close them during the winter. Our employees follow the same direction that the public does: if the road is closed, only an emergency would allow access,” he added. “Our crews are just now beginning the inspections and we may find some damage that will require repairs before a road is passable.”

Currently, the following high-use roads remain closed until storm damage repairs are completed:

Groveland Ranger District: Crocker Ridge Road (2S30)

Calaveras Ranger District: Sourgrass Road (5N14)

Mi-Wok Ranger District: Buchanan Road (1N01)

Summit Ranger District: Beardsley Road (4N29), known as Beardsley Day Use Area Road; Hell’s Half Acre Road (5N29), Donnell’s Dam Road (5N09X)

A series of heavy storms during the winter 2016-2017 led to storm damage ranging from mud, rocks and debris slides to roadbed failure on some roads. The forest engineering staff is working with the Federal Highway Administration for funding and expertise to redesign and repair the extensive damage on these roads.

Visitors are encouraged to contact local Ranger District offices for current information on roads and conditions before traveling on the forest.

Stanislaus NF Supervisor’s Office: 209-532-3671

Calaveras Ranger District: 209-795-1381

Groveland Ranger District: 209-962-7825

Summit Ranger District: 209-965-3434


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