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Forest order restricts shooting hours at Candy Rock Quarry

Shooting authorized during daylight hours on weekdays, weekends


SONORA, Calif. —Stanislaus National Forest supervisor, Jason Kuiken, signed Forest Order STF 2018-01 limiting the hours shooting enthusiasts may use Candy Rock Quarry on Calaveras Ranger District.

The order, which is in effect until April 20, 2019, allows discharging a firearm within the Candy Rock Quarry Shooting Restriction Area only between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. through 3 p.m. on Saturdays. The Candy Rock Quarry Shooting Restriction Area includes the Candy Rock Quarry and all National Forest System lands that are 150 yards from the outer boundary of the quarry. A map is attached that shows the defined area.

The quarry is in a wildland-urban interface area, approximately three-tenths of a mile from the nearest private residential properties and is one of the most actively used locations on the district for recreational target shooting. For many years, the district received written and verbal complaints about shooting activity at and near the quarry.

“Complaints centered on persistent shooting noise during daylight hours and into darkness, as well as public safety on both public lands and nearby private lands,” Kuiken said. “In addition, we also received many comments from other individuals wanting to continue enjoying the site for responsible target shooting. We believe this provides a balance to both groups.”

Kuiken emphasized that this forest order is the result of careful attention to the issue. Calaveras Ranger District staff held a series of public scoping sessions to seek a solution. They attended many meetings with the local Calaveras County Supervisor and Sheriff's offices, as well as with concerned citizens representing divergent viewpoints. The district commissioned an assessment by the National Rifle Association and contracted with the Center for Collaborative Policy to serve as an impartial mediator.

“All of these efforts provided the forest with a collection of suggestions designed to improve public safety while also positively addressing the varying viewpoints held by groups interested in the issue,” Kuiken said. “Based on our research, the best way to offer benefits to both groups was to institute restrictions on the hours when target shooting could take place in the area.”

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