Stanislaus National Forest plans prescribed fire for resource and public benefit on Groveland Ranger District

Contact(s): Diana Fredlund 209-288-6265

SONORA, Calif. — The following is information regarding a prescribed burn planned on the Stanislaus National Forest.  View map.

Prescribed Fire Name / Ranger District: Jordan Underburn, Groveland Ranger District

General and Specific Location: Located approximately 4 miles Northeast of Greeley HIll, along Forest Road 2S17, at specific geographic location Section’s 13, 14, 23, 24, Range17E, Township 2S. Smoke may be visible from Greeley Hill Road and Smith Station Road, with some down canyon drift smoke visible in the evening and early morning.   Please do not report as a wildland fire.

Projected Duration: Ignition of the prescribed burn is expected on 06 /18 /18, with controlled burning to continue over the next 5 days. Burning is contingent on weather, fuel moisture, and air quality. All burning is monitored and conducted in accordance with state and county air quality guidelines and closely coordinated with local county air quality control districts.  

Planned Size of Prescribed Burn: Total of up to 200 acres to be treated with low-intensity fire, with planned ignition on approximately 100 acres daily. Size of burn may vary with weather and fuel moisture conditions, as well as permissible air quality burn days.

Type of Prescribed Burn: Broadcast underburn

Burn Project Objectives: Reduce the buildup of flammable forest fuels, both ground fuels and ladder fuels; reduce the threat of uncontrolled, large and damaging fires;

•           Reduce the invasion of noxious weeds.  

Public Benefits: Prescribed burning is an effective cost efficient method of reducing flammable forest fuels, improving firefighting capabilities, and reducing the impacts of large uncontrolled damaging wildland fires.

Resource Benefits: Controlled, or prescribed, low-intensity fires enhance wildlife habitat, protect and maintain water quality and soil productivity, improve forest ecosystem health, and reduce the threat of uncontrolled conflagrations. The Sierra Nevada is a fire dependent ecosystem, where fire is part of the natural forest process.

Public Advisory: Smoke may be visible from Hwy 120 and surrounding communities.  Fire managers are working closely with local air districts and the California Air Resource Board to mitigate the effects of smoke to the public.  This project is a planned prescribed fire. Please do not report as a wildland fire.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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