Fuel reduction project near Packers Bay on Shasta Lake

REDDING, Calif. - The Shasta-Trinity National Forest will soon resume fuels reduction activities on the multi-year Northwoods Vegetation Management project near Packers Bay south of O’Brien Mountain on the Shasta Lake National Recreation Area and west of Interstate 5. The total vegetation management project includes approximately 1,250 acres of mechanical treatment and prescribed fire operations. The goal of the project is to reduce the severity of future wildfires and provide added protection for communities in the wildland urban interface.

Project managers plan to initiate prescribed fire operations on the Northwoods Deuce portion of the project which includes treating approximately 430 acres between Packers Bay and Halfway Cove starting as early as next week. This portion of the project will connect with previous successful burning which occurred between Packers Bay and Halfway Cove this past March when 190 acres were accomplished on the area north of Water’s Gulch trail.

“The prescribed fire will create a landscape with a reduced amount of ladder fuels and dead vegetation, making fire suppression efforts easier. Once treated, the site will provide a safer place for firefighters to work and better opportunities to control future wildfires,” explained Prescribed Fire & Fuels Specialist Andrew Spain.

Actual project initiation dates will depend upon local weather and fuel conditions. Smoke will be visible from many areas around Shasta Lake, along Interstate 5 near Bridge Bay, and north of Redding. Residual smoke may be visible for several days and project managers will be working with the Air Quality Management Board to ensure compliance with air quality regulations and health and safety conditions.

For more information or updates about burn progress please visit https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6239/.