Restoration is key theme of Eastside Restoration Project

MT. SHASTA, Calif. — Th Shasta McCloud Management Unit of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest invites the public to comment on the proposed Eastside Restoration Project during the public scoping period through December 18, 2019. The top priorities developed by collaborators are restoring the meadow systems, preserving and enhancing the existing aspen stands, improving wildlife habitat and protecting the area from catastrophic fires.

“We are excited about the project and the role of collaborators in developing the proposed action,” said District Ranger Carolyn Napper. Representatives from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, Cal Deer, Siskiyou County, Pacific Forest Trust, Transmission Agency of Northern California and other individuals have actively participated in the development of the project objectives and proposed action. Management needs have been identified through a series of meetings and field trips. Participants provided criteria from other successful treatments, stewardship opportunities and multiple design features to help achieve resource objectives.

“Our goal is to improve wildlife habitat by treating overly dense ponderosa pine plantations, improving mixed conifer stand resilience and sustainability, restoring meadow and stream function, revitalizing oak and aspen stands, improving soil productivity within plantations and restoring the role of fire in the ecosystem to maintain these conditions into the future,” explained Forest Supervisor Scott Russell.

Restoration is the key theme guiding management objectives. Timber management remains important but is not the number one priority in this project. The project proposes wildlife habitat improvement by improving vegetation and timber stand conditions on roughly 13,200 acres east of McCloud. The Forest Service is pursuing opportunities to incorporate stewardship authorities into this project.

The Forest Service is seeking public comments on the proposed action. The public can review the proposed action and see photographs of this project by visiting the project website: Providing comments by December 18, 2019 will be most useful for the Forest Service to consider public input during the analysis.

Caribou Well Meadow in the northeastern portion of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in spring

Photo caption: Caribou Well Meadow in spring when water ponding can occur. These meadows dry out in the summer. Conifers are encroaching into the meadow. Photo by Nisha van Hess

Map showing location of Eastside Restoration Project on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest   

Map showing location of Eastside Restoration Project on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest

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