Vegetation reduction project by Snowman’s Hill extended

Contact(s): Carol Underhill

The Shasta McCloud Management Unit began vegetation reduction around Snowman’s Hill gun ranges on August 24. Originally set to be completed by September 25, the project has been extended to November 6, 2020.

Part of the Hwy 89 Safety Enhancement and Forest Restoration Project, the purpose of the project is to boost forest health and provide fuels reduction around popular recreation sites. Working with Caltrans, the project is occurring adjacent to Highway 89 by the Mt. Shasta Rod and Gun Club gun ranges.

Project work hours will remain 4:30 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The Mt Shasta Rod and Gun Club gun ranges will continue to be closed on weekdays while project operations are underway. The gun ranges are available for use in the evening and on weekends. Travelers and the recreating public should be aware that project crews, equipment and large trucks will be working near to and entering roadways. Please exercise caution when travelling along Highway 89.

“Thinning of the trees along Highway 89 at Snowman’s Hill is critical for public safety. That stretch of road gets very icy in the winter. Allowing more sunlight on the roadway to melt snow and ice will be helpful to the traveling public,” stated Carolyn Napper, District Ranger of the Shasta-McCloud Management Unit.

The project area is close to town and is well-used by members of the community, particularly during hunting season when people use the ranges for sighting their rifles. Additional benefits provided by the project include tree density reduction and providing decreased competition between trees. With better access to resources, the trees can be expected to have improved ability to withstand natural disturbances, such as drought, insects, or wildfire. Reduced vegetation by the gun ranges will also reduce the fire hazard shooting activities can cause.

For more information, please call the Mt. Shasta Ranger Station at (530) 926-4511 or visit:

A map of the project area is available here

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