Shasta-Trinity National Forest to Conduct Forest-Wide Prescribed Fire Operations

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Contact(s): Schirete Zick (530) 226-2595

Redding, CA – The Shasta-Trinity National Forest plans to initiate forest-wideprescribed fire operations this fall. As part the Forest’s hazardous fuels reduction efforts, fire management staff continues to monitor local weather conditions, and whencircumstances become favorable, the planned ignitions will commence.

“As temperatures moderate and humidity levels rise, we can safely initiateprescribed fire in pre-determined situations,” said Forest Assistant Fire Management Officer, Alex McBath. “Conditions must meet certain criteria before we will implement a prescribed fire or burn piles. These conditions include weather and vegetation factors.”

Prescribed fire is a tool that is used to mimic the natural role of fire in the environment, create resilient forests, and decrease future risk to life, property and natural resources. The use of fire promotes naturally occurring processes that native plants and animals rely upon. It affords opportunity for new growth to take place by removing dead and dying vegetation. At the same time, prescribed fire decreases the threat posed by future wildfires.

“Weather is an essential factor in the planning and implementation of a prescribed fire. Prior to initiating any burn activities, we take into consideration wind speed, wind direction, temperature and relative humidity” McBath said.

Over the next several months the public may see smoke in various parts of the forest from prescribed fire activities. “The prescribed burns may have some short-term impacts on air quality levels, however, the Forest Service will comply with all local, state and federal air quality regulations and coordinate with local air quality regulators,” McBath said.

Areas where prescribed fire is planned include:

National Recreation Area (Shasta Lake area): O’brien Mountain. near Packers Bay, northeast of Jones Valley between Squaw and Pit arm of Shasta Lake, west of Lakeshore between Poney Creek and Charlie Creek, and west of Jones Valley.

South Fork Management Unit (Wildwood and Hayfork area):North of Hayfork Valley, Beegum Gorge, south of Harrison Gulch, and Indian Valley.

Shasta McCloud Management Unit (Mt. Shasta and McCloud areas): McCloud Flats area east northeast of McCloud, west of Lake Siskiyou, along Castle Lake RD, and I5 near Sims exit.

Trinity River Management Unit (Big Bar and Weaverville area):Long Canyon southwest of Trinity Center, 35N71Y road north of Fawn Campground, Manzanita Ridge road northeast of Big Flat, China Gulch west of Highway 3, Weaver Bally road and Sydney Gulch north of Weaverville, north of East Branch road, 5N18 road northwest of Del Loma, Musser Hill road, Blue Rock Road north of Weaverville.

Forest Wide (All Units):Intermittently at Forest Service Fire Stations, Ranger Stations and Campgrounds.

Specific project location information is available online at (select Prescribed Fire Notification) or

For updated information regarding prescribed fire, please call District Offices.

  • Shasta Lake National Recreation Area- (530) 275-1587
  • South Fork Management Unit- (530) 352-4211
  • Shasta-McCloud Management Unit- (530) 926-4511
  • Trinity-River Management Unit- (530) 623-2121

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