Restrictions on Firewood within the Superior National Forest




How you can help protect forest resources by following State and Forest Service restrictions regarding firewood

Several non-native invasive species, including emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, and other pests are spread by firewood movement into Minnesota. On their own, they cannot more very far.  They can spread at “55 mph” if allowed to hitch a ride with campers who carry infected firewood.
The Forest Service is working with the State of Minnesota and other partners to slow the spread of emerald ash borer and other non-native invasive species.  One way is by restricting the processing, transport and use of specific types of firewood.     
You can help by following these rules regarding transport and use of firewood within the boundaries of the Superior National Forest. 
  • Do not bring firewood from any state other than Minnesota, of any species, onto national forest system lands.
  • Do not transport any firewood from a state-quarantined county or county contiguous to quarantined counties.
  • Only purchase firewood from a certified vendor and keep a receipt of purchase that includes name of vendor, date, and quantity of wood purchased.
  • The only exception: Non-ash firewood gathered within 100 miles of the Superior National Forest may be used on national forest lands.   

(link- Superior National Forest Legal Order Restricting Firewood) 

Please be aware of the most recent Minnesota Regulations:

         Gypsy Moth Quarantine

For additional information and updates regarding the spread of EAB: