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The new Land and Resources Management Planning regulations (36 CFR 219), published in 2012, changed Forest Plan monitoring program requirements for all national forests. Any national forest that does not plan to initiate a revision to their Forest Plan prior to May 9, 2016 must update their monitoring program to meet the new requirements of the 2012 Planning Rule. This update (referred to as monitoring program transition) must occur no later than May 9, 2016.

Because the Superior National Forest will not initiate the process of Forest Plan revision prior to May 9, 2016, we have administratively changed our Forest Plan monitoring program as part of the required monitoring program transition. Most of the new Forest Plan monitoring required by the 2012 Planning Rule is already addressed in the Superior National Forest’s monitoring program. However, some changes were needed to be in full compliance.  Superior National Forest managers invited comment on proposed changes and addressed comments received in further development of our monitoring program.

The changes to the monitoring program are an administrative change. This is not a Forest Plan Amendment or Plan Revision. Analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act is not required.

Notice of Administrative Change – Chapter 4 Monitoring and Evaluation

Superior National Forest Administrative Change - Chapter 4 Monitoring and Evaluation

Notification Letter February 12, 2016


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