Superior National Final Forest Plan


2004 FINAL Forest Plan - Superior National Forest
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Table of Contents
List of Tables and Figures
Chapter 1 - Introduction Discusses the general purpose of the Forest Plan, the Forest Plan revision process, the relationship of the Plan to the other documents, and direction for implementing the Plan. This includes definitions of desired conditions, objectives, standards, and guidelines.
Chapter 2 - Forest-wide Management Direction, Map of Landscape Ecosystems Presents management direction for the Forest as a whole. This chapter is organized by resource. It then lists objectives for landscape ecosystems for forest type, age-class distribution, patch size, and within stand diversity.
Chapter 3 - Management Area Direction , BWCAW Direction, Map of Management Areas Presents management direction for specific Management Areas. This chapter provides desired conditions, objectives, standards, and guidelines.
Chapter 4 - Monitoring and Evaluation Presents a plan for monitoring and evaluating the effects of management practices.
Appendix A - Summary of the Analysis of the Management Situation Summarizes ecological, social, and economic conditions on the Forest.
Appendix B - Minnesota National Forest ROS Mapping Criteria Describes the characterizations of each Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) class.
Appendix C - Management Indicator Habitat Lists the age group and forest types that make up management indicator habitats.
Appendix D - Proposed and Probable Practices, Goods Produced, and Other Information Displays an estimate of the goods and services provided, the proposed and probable management practices expected, and other information including land classification.
Appendix E - Canada Lynx Provides additional information on Canada Lynx management
Glossary Provides definitions of key terms.

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