National Forests of Minnesota Final FEIS



Forest Plan Revision Final Environmental Impact Statement for Chippewa and Superior National Forests
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Table of Contents, Abstract and Preface
List of Tables and Figures
Chapter 1 - Describes why the Forest Service proposed to revise the Forest Plans, why change is needed, and what issues are addressed

Chapter 2 -
Describes alternative ways of managing the Chippewa and Superior National Forests. Chapter 2 briefly compares the potential environmental and social effects of each alternative.

Chapter 2 Tables 8-11

Maps of Alternatives

Chapter 3 - Contents
Describes the current condition of resources that could be affected by the alternatives. It discusses in more detail the environmental and social effects of implementing each alternative.
3.1 - Introduction (Biological and Social Setting, chapter orgnaization)

3.2 Forest Vegetation

3.3 Wildlife Habitat:

3.4 - Timber
3.5 - Fire
3.6 - Watershed Health
3.7 - Special Designations

3.8 - Recreation

3.9 - Social and Economic Sustainability
3.10 - Other Considerations
Chapter 4 - Lists the people who prepared the EIS
Chapter 5 - Lists the people and governmental agencies that were consulted during the revision process.
Glossary - Provides definitions for key terms
References - Lists the references used in the analysis.
FEIS Index
FEIS Appendices:
Appendix A - Public Involvement
Appendix B - Analysis Processes
Appendix C - Roadless Areas Management
Appendix D - Management Indicator Habitat
Appendix E - Wild and Scenic Rivers Process
Appendix F - Transportation Systems
Appendix G - Range of Natural Variability and Landscape Ecosystems
Appendix H - Cumulative Effects Overview
Appendix I - Relevant Statutes, Regulations, Policies and Agreements

Appendix J - Response to Comments
Appendix J - Agency - City

Appendix J - Agency - County
Appendix J - Agency - Federal
Appendix J - Agency - State
Appendix J - Tribal


Biological Evaluation for Regional Forester Sensitive Plants

Biological Evaluation for Regional Forester Sensitive Species

Programmatic Biological Assessment for Federally Listed Threatened and Endangered Species - May 2004


The 2011 Biological Assessment, Appendices, and US Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion reflects the analyses of lynx and grey wolf critical habitat on the Superior National Forest.

Final Biological Assessment - 2011

Appendix A:  Cumulative Effects

Appendix B:  Typical Road Obliteration  

Appendix C:  Interagency Guidelines for Handling Live and Dead Canada Lynx in Minnesota

Appendix D:  Non-Lynx Analysis Unit Critical Habitat Map


Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion - 2011

FEIS Summary , Summary Tables
FEIS Alternative Maps:
Chippewa National Forest, Superior National Forest

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