Timber Management

ALERT: Until further notice; The USDA Forest Service, Superior National Forest will only accept timber sale bids submitted via mail.  Bids must be received by the date, time and at the location specified in the bidder’s letter and/or bid sheet. 

Timber harvest is a primary tool for reaching desired forest vegetation conditions identified in the Superior National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan).  The following is information summarizes timber contract activity:

FY 2020 Timber Sales

FY 2019 Timber Sales

Historic Timber Harvest Data - Summary of contract, harvest, sold over the past ten years.

In addition to traditional harvest contracts, the Timber Program is increasing the use of stewardship contracting which allows the Forest Service to retain receipts from timber sales to do restoration work, planting, road maintenance, and meet other resource management needs.

To further progress towards vegetation management objectives, on Feb 2, 2016, Regional Forester, Kathleen Atkinson signed the Master Good Neighbor Authority (GNA) Agreement between the State of Minnesota and the Superior and Chippewa National Forests.  The GNA allows the Forest Service to enter into cooperative agreements or contracts with state agencies to partner to leverage state resources to increase capacity to accomplish watershed restoration and forest management services on national forest system lands as well as to increase collaboration between the Forest Service, Department of Natural Resources, and other partners. The Forest Service and State have signed GNA Supplemental Project Agreements for pilot projects on the Superior and the Chippewa National Forests and projects are moving forward on both Forests.