Terrestrial Wildlife Species on the Superior National Forest

Federally-listed as Threatened or Endangered (definition)



Canada lynx

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service Canada lynx information can be found here and here.
  • Canada lynx research in northern Minnesota can be found here.



Regional Forester Sensitive Species (RFSS) (definition)  (printable version)


Eastern Heather Vole

Gray Wolf - Status (USFWS)

Little Brown Myotis

Northern Myotis

Tri-colored Bat


    Bald eagle Northern Goshawk
    Boreal Owl Olive-sided flycatcher
    Bay-breasted warbler Connecticut warbler
    American three-toed woodpecker Great Gray owl


 Wood Turtle - click here for a Wood Turtle fact sheet.


Black Sandshell

Creek heelsplitter


Lake sturgeon

Northern Brook lamprey

Shortjaw cisco

Nipigon cisco 


    Taiga (Mancinus) Alpine Nabokov's (or Northern) Blue
    Freija's Grizzled Skipper Quebec Emerald Dragonfly 
    Headwaters Chilostigman caddisfly Ebony boghaunter


For information about Butterflies and Moths of North America, click on these links:


North American Butterfly Association


Management Indicator Species (MIS) (definition)


Grey wolf


Bald eagle

Northern goshawk

Non-Native Invasive Species



Mute swan

Emerald ash borer

Gypsy moth        


Other Species of Interest

Game species 

Report: Minnesota's Growing Game



    Sharp-tailed grouse American peregrine falcon
    Black-throated Blue warbler Le Conte’s sparrow
    Yellow rail  American Woodcock
    Osprey Great Blue Heron
    Common loon  



American marten


Jutta Arctic

Red-disked Alpine

Laurentian Tiger Beetle


    Black Swallowtail Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Western White
    Mustard White Cabbage White Large Marble
    Olympia Marble Clouded Sulphur Orange Sulphur
    Pink-edged Sulpher American Copper Bronze Copper
    Bog Copper Dorcas Copper Purplish Copper
    Coral Hairstreak Acadian Hairstreak Edwards' Hairstreak
    Striped Hairstreak Brown Elfin Hoary Elfin
    Eastern Pine Elfin Western Pine Elfin Gray Hairstreak
    Eastern Tailed-Blue Western Tailed-Blue 'Spring' Spring Azure
    'Summer' Spring Azure Silvery Blue Northern Blue
    Greenish Blue Great Spangled Fritillary Aphrodite Fritillary
    'Atlantis' Atlantis Fritillary Bog Fritillary Silver-bordered Fritillary
    Meadow Fritillary Frigga Fritillary Freija Fritillary
    Purplish Fritillary Silvery Checkerspot Harris' Checkerspot
    Northern Crescent Tawny Crescent Baltimore Checkerspot
    Question Mark Eastern Comma Satyr Comma
    Green Comma Hoary Comma Gray Comma
    Compton Tortoiseshell Mourning Cloak Milbert's Tortoiseshell
    Painted Lady Red Admiral White Admiral
    Viceroy Northern Pearly-eye Eyed Brown
    Little Wood-Satyr Common Ringlet Common Wood-Nymph
    Red-disked Alpine Macoun's Arctic Jutta Arctic
    Monarch Silver-spotted Skipper Northern Cloudywing
    Dreamy Duskywing Juvenal's Duskywing Arctic Skipper
    Least Skipper European Skipper Common Branded Skipper
    Indian Skipper Peck's Skipper Tawny-edged Skipper
    Long Dash Hobomok Skipper Two-spotted Skipper
    Pepper and Salt Skipper Common Roadside-Skipper  

a gray wolf

Gray Wolf

A boreal owl

Boreal Owl - Photo courtesy of Steve Wilson

a canada lynx

Canada Lynx

Photo of boreal owl

Bay-breasted Warbler - Photo Courtesy of Randy Mehoves

A common loon

Common Loon

a moose standing in tall grass


Photo of bird

White-throated Sparrow - Photo courtesy of Lang Elliott

A bald eagle

Bald Eagle