Other Permits - BWCAW Research and SUP

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Research Permits

Research Permits on the Superior National Forest and in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

  • All research needs a BWCAW or non-wilderness research permit. Research in the BWCAW still requires an entry point permit reservation at recreation.gov
  • Existing researchers must reapply on an annual basis.
  • Please allow approximately one month for your permit application to be processed.
  • To start the application process, please download, complete and sign the appropriate permit below.

Submit Applications To:

Research Permit Applications:



Permits are required for:

  • Use of roads not open to the general public for motorized use.
  • Use of roads/driveways across National Forest System lands to access private property.
  • Snowplowing Forest roads.

Other Superior NF Permits

Permits are required for other uses such as electrical easements, utility lines, oil and gas pipelines and monitoring wells.

Standard Form 299 - Application for transportation and utility systems and facilities on federal lands (pdf).

Please call the local Ranger District Office for more information.