Urban Connections

The Eastern Region is the most urbanized portion of the entire country. Eastern Region national forests form a perimeter around a vast band of urban areas, including nearly half of the top twenty metropolitan areas in the U.S.



BostonMinneapolisMilwaukeeChicago, and Detroit are cities where we are developing interagency partnerships with groups of interested citizens who share our vision. We seek to increase existing urban outreach efforts and connect them to education, research and development work throughout the U.S.

In Minnesota, our over-riding goal is to maintain, support, and build on significant ongoing, interactive relationships and partnerships with a diverse group of underserved stakeholders to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase visibility and public awareness of the Forest Service
  • Inform and involve urban stakeholders, especially underserved populations in the Forest Service mission (management and protection of national forest resources) and agency and Forest programs
  • Increase the ability to leverage funds in communities
  • Expand agency capacity to help urban stakeholders act as forest stewards through engagement and education
  • Increase the number of urban residents and local forest community youth who see the Forest Service as a viable career opportunity
  • Enhance agency ability to work with urban stakeholders through technology transfer, innovation, and sharing of emerging information.

We are currently working to bring together several existing and new efforts to mentor youth and families in underserved, multicultural communities in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area to build and benefit from connections with the outdoors.

For more information visit the Urban Connections Program web site.