Organizational Overview

The Tahoe is one of eighteen National Forests in California. We're located in eastern California, straddling the north central Sierra Nevada mountains, between Reno, Nevada, and Sacramento, California. Interstate 80 bisects the Forest. Tahoe National Forest lands range from an elevation of 1,500 feet in the American River canyon on the western edge of the forest to over 9,400 feet on top of Mt. Lola, along the Sierra Crest.

The Forest is divided into four Ranger Districts, with Ranger Stations in Foresthill (American River RD), Truckee (Truckee RD), Sierraville (Sierraville RD), and Camptonville (Yuba River RD). The Forest Supervisor's Office is at 631 Coyote St. in Nevada City.

 [Photo: Tahoe National Forest Map]