Travel Management Project FEIS

The Tahoe National Forest Travel Management Project Final Enviromental Impact Statement (FEIS) is available in PDF format either in complete volumes (three) or also by individual chapter, alternative, and appendix. All documents are <4MB unless noted. All FEIS maps are 2-43MB.

Dear Friends of the Tahoe National Forest (PDF 995kb)

Record of Decision

Entire Volume1
Entire Volume 2 (9843kb) Entire Volume 3 (18116kb)
 Chapters Appendices Maps
Chapter 1 Appendix A* Existing Condition
Chapter 2  Appendix B* Record of Decision 
Chapter 3.00 Appendix C Alternative 1
Chapter 3.01  Appendix D Alternative 2
Chapter 3.02  Appendix E Alternative 3
Chapter 3.03  Appendix F Alternative 4
Chapter 3.04  Appendix G* Alternative 5
Chapter 3.05  Appendix H* Alternative 6
Chapter 3.06  Appendix I* Alternative 7
Chapter 3.07  Appendix J*  
Chapter 3.08  Appendix K*  
Chapter 3.09  Appendix L*  
Chapter 3.10  Appendix M*  
Chapter 3.11 Appendix N  
Chapter 4    

*Appendix was not changed or revised between the Supplemental Draft EIS (SDEIS - February 2010) and was not reprinted in the Final EIS.

Forest Order 17-07-05

Forest Order 17-09-03