Woodcutting Permits

The Tahoe National Forest is changing the personal firewood permit process.

Please check with your local ranger district office to obtain specific local restrictions or requirements at the numbers below:

American River
Ranger District

(530) 492-5631

Ranger District

(530) 430-7093

Truckee Ranger District
(530) 536-0417

Yuba River
Ranger District

(530) 362-8259

Please note, all calls to the Supervisor's Office regarding fuelwood permits will be referred to applicable ranger district.

BEFORE cutting, call the fuelwood cutting hotline (530) 478-6176

In addition, the following requirements are still in place:

Gathering of firewood on private land is not authorized. It is your responsibility to determine the ownership of the land before cutting. If you have any doubts, or questions, please contact the nearest Ranger District Office or Forest Officer.

Only the felling and removal of standing dead conifers (no hardwoods such as Oak) and down dead trees. Up to 2 cords within 200 feet of a road or trail designated for wheeled motor vehicle use on the Tahoe National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map.

Driving off any designated motor vehicle route to gather fuelwood is prohibited on the American River ranger District

Check your Motor Vehicle Use Map for seasonal road closures

The cutting of standing dead trees is NOT permitted along some roads and in certain areas as shown on Fuelwood Cutting Maps (below):

  • No cutting is permitted:
  • In Active Timber Sales or logging decks within timber sales.
  • Where "Firewood/Fuelwood Cutting Prohibited" signs are posted.
  • Within 200 feet of campgrounds, picnic areas, administrative sites.
  • Within 150 feet of any seasonally flowing stream and 300 feet of any river, year-round stream, lake, meadow, bog, fen, wetland, vernal pool or spring.
  • Of any tree (standing dead or down) that is marked in any manner, including but not limited to: paint marks, tags (Wildlife Tree/ Controlled Area), or signs (property/trail).

DO NOT drive on wet roads when rutting and damage would occur
DO NOT block a road from use by other forest visitors.

When the Project Activity Level (PAL)/Fuelwood Activity Level (FAL) is "C, D, E or EV" taking a vehicle off road to load fuelwood after 1:00 P.M. is prohibited.

  • You are responsible for keeping informed of any daily restrictions and closures, including fire restrictions and inclement weather, for the specific Ranger District where fuelwood will be gathered.
  • Power saws and other internal combustion engines shall be equipped with a USFS approved spark arrester in effective working condition. Have in your possession a serviceable shovel with a minimum overall handle length of 46 inches and an UL-approved 2-pound dry chemical or 1-pound foam Type A, B, C or greater fire extinguisher. The extinguisher must be within 25 feet of each operating power saw or any other internal combustion engine.
  • Use of glass bottles or jugs for fuel is prohibited.
  • Pile slash (branches, tree tops) greater than 1 inch in diameter and greater than 3 feet long in piles approximately 4 feet by 4 feet. Piles must be at least 10 feet from adjacent trees and improvements (e.g., signs, asphalt, culverts).

Tahoe National Forest Fuelwood Maps