E-bike Use on the Tahoe NF

Downieville Ebike

The Tahoe National Forest has removed its earlier statement, first published on this website July 9, 2019, which extended opportunities for class 1 e-bike riders to use recommended non-motorized trails in the Forest.


E-bike use on National Forest System (NFS) roads and trails is governed by existing Forest Service regulations, directives, and policies, as reflected on the website for the Pacific Southwest Region of the Forest Service, available at https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/r5/recreation/?cid=fseprd557285.

E-bike use is currently not allowed on NFS roads and trails unless they are designated for motor vehicle use. E-bike use in the Tahoe National Forest is currently allowed only on NFS roads, on NFS trails, and in areas on NFS lands that are designated for motor vehicle use, as reflected on a motor vehicle use map. The Forest Service strives to provide a broad range of recreational experiences on NFS roads and trails, including hiking and horseback riding, mountain biking, and motor vehicle use.

In addition, the Tahoe National Forest has recently finalized environmental analysis for the East Zone Connectivity Project and has made the decision to allow Class-1, pedal assisted E-Bikes on an additional 35 miles of National Forest System trails. These trails include: The Commemorative Overland Emigrant trail, the Sawtooth trail, the Big Chief trail, and the Donkey Town trail. Please see the corresponding map: Truckee Ranger District E-BIKE TRAILS.

The Forest Service is considering options that would further expand e-bike access, including options for allowing e-bike use on NFS roads and trails where that use is not currently allowed. The Forest Service will continue to update the public on these efforts and any associated opportunities for public involvement.