Snowmobile Trails American River Ranger District

Snowmobile Routes:

General Conditions:  The gate at China Wall is OPEN. There is no snow at China Wall.

The OSV groomed route is for snowmobiles and tracked vehicles only. Please refrain from wheeled vehicle travel (OHV's, ATV's, Motorcycles, etc.).

Please remember that when the gate is open Foresthill Road, even if covered in snow, is a highway and not a legal route for snowmobiles or Off-Highway Vehicles.

Route Name Last Groomed Comments
Rd. 0088 – FH Divide to Robinson Flat
  Little to no snow on Foresthill divide until Ford Point/Tadpole.
Rd. 43 – Robinson Flat to Duncan “Y”
Rd. 66 – Humbug Loop


No snow
Rd. 13 – American Hill Loop
  No snow
Rd. 0088-39 – Tadpole Loop


Rd. 0088 – Robinson Flat to Soda Springs intersection
Rd. 13-14 – American Hill to Ford Point
Rd. 57-66 – Ford Point to Tadpole Saddle


Rd. 43-24 – Duncan Peak Road
5/16/2017 1-2 feet of snow
Rd. 96 - Mosquito Ridge


Little to no snow until Big Tree's.