Trail Work: Have fun working in the forest!

 Contact: Paul Hart 530-288-3132

Tahoe National Forest 530-265-4531

The Forest Service is looking for volunteers to help with trail work on many of the trails on the Yuba River Ranger District. Volunteers can work either as individuals or in small or large groups. A wide range of needs and duties exist including:

  • Trail condition surveys – Hike/ride various trails and report back on items such as trail usage, problems and hazards and any other work that may need to be done. Forest Service trail maintenance employees and other volunteers will use this information to schedule their work. This is a great way to learn about trails that you may never have seen before and also a great reason to go out on a trail that you like.
  • Trail Maintenance – Hard but rewarding work including pruning brush along trails, removing rock and other debris from trails, cleaning drainage channels, installing or repairing signs and other duties.
  • New Trail Construction – Work with Forest Service employees and service groups on scheduled new trail construction.

All of this can be enjoyable work in our beautiful Tahoe National Forest. In most cases you decide when and what work you would like to do. If this sounds appealing to you, contact Paul Hart at 530-288-3231 or