National Forests and Grasslands in Texas Plan Revision


The National Forests and Grassland in Texas is hosting public meetings to discuss two aspects of the on-going Forest Plan Revision:

* Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Study

* Wilderness Inventory

See Public Meetings page for more information.

Forest Plans are the overarching documents that guide all management decisions and activities on lands managed by the United States Forest Service. The existing Forest Plan for The National Forests and Grasslands in Texas was written in 1996 and no longer represents the current needs of the forest and neighboring communities. For instance, demographics and development patterns have changed, new technologies have emerged for oil and gas development, budgets have declined, road systems are falling into disrepair, and public values and expectations for public lands have changed over time. Completion of the revision will provide strategic direction to guide management of forest and grassland resources and be a framework for decision making for site specific projects and activities.

The 2012 Planning Rule provides the framework for the forest plan revision process. There are three main phases to the forest plan revision process: assessment, plan development, and monitoring. These phases complement each other and may overlap. The Directives provide specific direction on how to implement the planning rule.

To help demystify the planning process A Citizens’ Guide booklet, A Citizens' Guide brochure, and A Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Governments were developed to help people understand their opportunities for being effectively involved in the Forest Service’s land management process.

The assessment phase is a rapid evaluation of the existing information and possible future conditions and trends of the plan area, and assesses the sustainability of social, economic, and ecological systems both within the plan area and in context with the broader landscape. The assessment phase will also identify information gaps and provide information on whether there is a need for change in the existing Forest Plan. The need for change document will be used to focus the plan revision process.

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What's next?

Public Participation - Visit our Public Participation page for full details on ways to participate in Forest Plan Revision.  Notice of public meetings will be posted well in advance of each phase. Meeting notes and presentations will be posted following public meetings.

Public Meetings

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Forest Plan Revision Schedule

Assessment Phase


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