Sabine N.F. - Indian Mounds Wilderness

Indian Mounds Wilderness sign Wilderness is...

Congressionally designated land managed to allow the earth's natural processes to shape and influence the area. With the Texas Wilderness Act of 1984, 34,000 acres of National Forest land became wilderness. Indian Mounds is one of five wilderness areas in the National Forests in Texas and totals 12,369 acres. In the Indian Mounds Wilderness, the southern pine beetle has been allowed to follow its natural course within certain limitations. Approximately 8,500 acres were impacted by infestations over the last 5 years. Evidence of roads and trails constructed prior to wilderness designation can still be seen. Since 1984, these areas have been managed to remain natural, pristine and provide opportunities for solitude and challenge.


Be aware of the possibility of falling trees due to the amount of standing dead timber from southern pine beetle infestations.

What is allowed...

hunting and fishing according to state regulations
horseback riding and hiking
trail construction and maintenance
outfitter/guide operations by permit
collecting nuts, berries and cones for personal use
campfires when not under fire ban (call toll free 1-866-235-1750)

What is prohibited...

roads and structures
timber harvesting and commercial enterprises
bicycles and other wheeled vehicles
mechanical transport
motorized vehicles and equipment
aircraft landings
removal of plants, stone, or moss for personal or commercial use
removal of historical or archeological artifacts

Leave no trace...

is a set of outdoor ethics to encourage wilderness visitors to keep areas pristine. There are six simple guidelines to follow:

(1) KNOW BEFORE YOU GO- Be prepared with proper map(s)/information and equipment.

(2) CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATH- Use existing trails and avoid trampling seedlings or flowers. Camp 200 feet away from trails and water source.

(3) KEEP WATER CLEAN- Do not put soap, food or human waste in water. Bury human waste 4-8 inches deep & at least 200 fee. from water, camp or trails.

(4) STASH YOUR TRASH- Take trash home to dispose of properly.

(5) LEAVE IT AS YOU FIND IT-Leave vegetation, rocks and historical items as you found them.

(6) BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE- Use gas-fueled camp stoves. Don't build new fire rings or build fires next to large rocks. Bring wood with you or collect loose pieces from the ground, and don't break limbs off of trees or cut trees. Make sure fire is out before leaving site


From Hemphill follow Highway 83 east for 3.5 miles to designated wilderness parking area.

For official maps or more information contact:

Sabine National Forest
5050 Hwy 21 East
Hemphill, TX 75959
(409) 625-1940
Toll free: 1-866-235-1750
Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30