Our Forests Are Alaska

Our Forests Are Alaska banner green letters with tan/brown backdrop, 5 green buttons

The Our Forests Are Alaska campaign showcases the close ties the people, communities and cultures of Southeast Alaska have to the Tongass National Forest. From the harvest of wild Alaska seafood to the clean, renewable energy of hydropower; the sustainable harvest of timber and forest products; and the celebration of cultural ties; the forest supports the Alaskan way of life culturally and economically. Learn more from members of your communities throughout the region who rely on public lands to sustain their businesses, heat their homes, and provide for their families.

Lily Jackson & daughter Evie with Our Forests are Alaska logo & FS Shield Marry Goddard and picture of food
Zach LaPerriere holding a handmade wooden bowl Boat taxi and people
Brent Cole with guitars Gordon Chew in orange hard hat
David Lanis holding a fish, water in the background