Gordon Chew, Tenakee Logging Company

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Gordon Chew in orange hard hat

What Tenakee Logging Does: Gordon and Sterling Chew, the father-son owners of Tenakee Logging Company (TLC), were awarded their first timber sale in 2008 and began leasing two acres of the Tongass National Forest for log storage and mill operations.  Believing strongly in local production and supporting the local economy with a sustainable approach to forestry, they provide lumber to help rebuild the infrastructure of Tenakee Springs. Pilings, timbers, siding, firewood and framing lumber are the mainstay of TLC. The small company has employed as many as seven people while rebuilding and constructing many buildings, additions, roads and decks in the small city.


Link to your forests: TLC obtains small timber sales from the Tongass to provide lumber for clients in Juneau and Sitka. This includes providing quality timber products for shipwrights, helping to keep Southeast Alaska’s fishing fleets afloat, as well as supporting local artists and luthiers. With the Tongass transitioning to young growth harvests, TLC is bidding on its first young growth sale in the spring of 2018. The sale will also support Sterling’s new business venture: Second Growth Homes.


Sterling Chew in an orange hard hat

A barge loaded with logs

Logger on a downed tree with a chain saw in foreground

Did You Know? The Tenakee Logging Company restored the historic (1899) Snyder Mercantile and rebuilt the St. Francis Chapel.


 “The selective nature of our tree harvesting always leaves a viable stand of timber, supporting recreation and wildlife into the future.“ - Gordon Chew