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Zachary Taylor Muddy Waters


What Muddy Water Adventures does: Zachary Taylor started Muddy Water Adventures in 2017 to provide tours and water taxis for visitors to Wrangell, his hometown. He draws from his childhood spent exploring the surrounding waters and forests. “It’s a pretty good office,” he said. “You’re just hanging out with a local for a day, seeing what I would want to see.”

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Zach takes people to several locations on the Tongass, including the Anan Wildlife Observatory, where salmon and bears abound in the summer. He also makes trips to the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness to see the LeConte Glacier and experience the Stikine River. “You really do feel like you’re the only boat up there,” he said. He credits the Tongass permitting system for the solitude his clients enjoy.

“Their management is trying to keep it a Wilderness, but they’re still allowing us to show it off to clients to do the tours, as well as make a living,” Zach said.

In Wilderness areas, there are greater protections than in areas of other land designations. Within those bounds, the Tongass manages Wilderness for the enjoyment of present and future generations. Permits on the Tongass allow outfitters and guides like Zach to provide outdoor adventures in Southeast Alaska for visitors and residents alike.

Anan Wildlife Observatory – Anan Creek is a hub for wildlife, thanks to its large run of pink salmon. Bears, birds, and seals all feast on the fish, and you can watch the activity up close from a boardwalk.

Stikine-LeConte Wilderness – This Wilderness area encompasses over 440,000 acres of Southeast Alaska’s mainland strip. Within it, the Stikine River and the LeConte glacier are highly visited. It also offers hot springs, cabins, stunning vistas, and thriving ecosystems.

Bear on rocks at Anan Wildlife Observatory







Muddy Waters taxi with people on board to Anan



Did You Know? The Tongass National Forest has issued over 200 permits for outfitting and guiding.


“I would take friends who had never been up the river in Wrangell, and to see the excitement when they saw the river or saw the glaciers or saw a moose, that’s my favorite part. Now I get to do that as my job.” – Zachary Taylor

*Photos provided by Zachary Taylor