Sitka RD's Harbor Mountain Road and Recreation Area

Harbor Mountain Recreation Site
   Enjoy a picnic with a view of Mt. Edgecumbe.

Harbor Mountain World War II History

Summer Season:

  • Summer map of Harbor Mountain (pdf)
  • Summer recreation opportunities (pdf)
  • Check the Forest Service Pre-recorded Information Line (907) 747-6685 for updates on passenger vehicle access to the mountain top.
  • Day Use Area - camping prohibited.
  • Picnic Area at top - picnic shelter (jpg) with two pedestal grills; 4 smaller picnic sites; charcoal use or pack in own wood for use in grills; wood pallets prohibited. Fires in designated grills only.
  • Trail head for the Harbor Mountain Ridge Trail - begins at the end of the road.
  • Pack In Pack Out Policy

Winter Season:

  • Winter Map and Travel Management Area (pdf)
  • Winter OHV use on the road beyond Gate Zero and off road above Gate 3 when Posted
  • Four road gates (refer to map link above) manage the winter:
    • Gate Zero at Milepost 1 near the water tower area
    • Gate 1 at Milepost 1.8
    • Gate 2 at Milepost 2.7 and
    • Gate 3 at Milepost 3.6
  • The road is closed to highway legal vehicles from 11/1 through 5/15 and open to all non-highway legal vehicles 60 inches wide or less
  • Snowmobile Registration Sign

Snow Patrol

Snow patrols are conducted as necessary to monitor off-road snow conditions in the travel management area at the top.  Patrols are looking for frozen ground, depth of frozen snow base and depth of loose powder snow.  The decision to open or keep the travel management are open or closed occurs on the same day as a patrol or on the following day. 

Where to locate current access conditions:

  • Sitka Ranger District Main Office (907) 747-6671 8:00am – 4:30pm, Mon – Fri
  • Onsite at the Information Board located at Milepost One of the Harbor Mountain Road

Potential for resource damage:

  • Two areas on Harbor Mountain are a concern: Snowman and areas around and accessing the Picnic Shelter. These two areas are most vulnerable for resource damage because they are high, wind swept areas with full winter sun exposure. Times to avoid them are; 1) at the beginning and end of the winter season and 2) during a winter where there is alternating snow/cold temps and melting.
  • When grass or short vegetation is showing through the snow or tires churn up dirt or vegetation is cut down by an over the snow machine or vegetation has to be cut to allow an over the snow machine to pass through at area, resource damage is the result.

Responsibilities of winter recreationists:

  • Mutual respect for other users.
  • Build campfires in picnic area fire rings or on snow over a known gravel base i.e. a parking lot or the road. Use commercially purchased compressed logs. Cutting trees or wood is prohibited on Harbor Mountain.
  • Practice "Leave No Trace" principles. Carry a trash bag to pack out all your trash and any other trash you may happen upon.