Yakutat Ranger District Beaches

Boat washed up on the beach near Yakutat


Alaska has thousands of miles of beaches, but Yakutat has beaches that fascinate each and everyone who sees them for the first time. Sandy and very wide, the beaches seem to stretch east to west farther than the eye can see. Many people compare them to Oregon and California beaches.

Looking northwest at Cannon BeachYakutat is near the midpoint of the 300 miles of sandy beaches that run from Cape Fairweather to Cape Suckling near Kayak Island. The beach is within five to ten miles of town and is easily accessible by old military roads built during the Second World War.


Residents use the beaches for recreation year-round. Sunny days bring picnickers, hikers, surfers and other recreational visitors to the shore. In August, they celebrate Fairweather Day at the beach. Notable waves lure body and board surfers to the area in increasing numbers.

another one of the three beach camping areas on the District a picnic shelter at Cannon Beach A view on one of the District's beachside campsites

The upper beaches of the Yakutat area are lined with tall spruce and hemlock trees with a remarkably straight boundary, looking almost like a giant hedge. In front of tree line are driftwood logs, fire weed, beach grass and strawberry patches.

Cannon Beach, a short drive from town, features World War II cannons and other paraphernalia of war rusting away within the tree line.

The canon in Cannon Beach Old tracked military vehicle The public stage at Cannon Beach