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The Tongass is a Children's Forest!

Photo of girl scouts KMRD wilderness access activity

As of July 2011, the Tongass National Forest has become the largest National Forest committed to serving youth and providing opportunities for youth to be involved with stewardship, conservation education, and having fun in the out of doors.  Imagine a coastal rainforest, wet, mossy, teeming with life, and –intact.  Pull on your rubber boots, we are going on a hike-to get to know the Tongass!


The Tongass Children's Forest Interactive Map

We've got a brand new interactive map, check it out and see what the kids who call the Tongass National Forest home are up to.

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Partners Make the World Go ‘Round

One of the strongest links in the Children’s Forest are the links between partners and the 8 Ranger Districts. Currently the Tongass Children’s Forest boasts 10 partners that have provided philosophical and fiscal support for projects. Our partners help us incubate our ideas and they help us make our ideas reality.   Without partners  our citizen science would not get off the ground,  boardwalks and bridges would not be built, and a great many youth would never step foot on public land.  Thanks, partners, you make the World Go ‘Round!


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Tongass Junior Ranger Booklets

The Tongass National Forest boasts two Junior Ranger Programs, one specifically for Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center and one for the entire Tongass National Forest.

Both Junior Ranger programs are predicated on physically being on the Forest. Certificates and badges cannot be awarded without first obtaining a Ranger signature in the booklet on site. Booklets completed without this signature cannot be processed.

Please do not mail in your packet to the Tongass- we want to make sure your experience on the Forest is authentic.

Those wishing to receive your Tongass National Forest Junior Ranger booklet before arriving on the Forest by cruise ship may request them through the Tongass Webmaster. But remember, in order to receive your Junior Ranger certificate and badge you must have a ranger review your completed booklet. The Mendenhall Junior Ranger booklet is only available at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center and can not be mailed out in advance.

Tongass National Forest Jr. Ranger Booklet     Mendenhall Jr Ranger Booklet Front Page


Mission Statement

A Children’s Forest provides a place where:

  • Youth can participate in stewardship, research and education projects to develop skills in communications, leadership, and problem solving;
  • Youth and families can participate in programs to learn how to explore a forest setting.
  • Young people are provided opportunities to participate in projects that integrate social, economic, educational, and environmental dimensions in order that they may be future stewards and decision makers for the earth’s shared resources.

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