Agents of Discovery

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Agents of Discovery is a mobile game where you have to move to play. You are a secret agent with an animal guide to help you solve challenges in a Mission. As you move to play you will unlock the hidden challenges based on your location. 

Agents of Discovery Squirrel in xtra tuff boots

The more challenges you get right the more USBees you'll be awarded. These USBees were taken in a data breach and they ahve to be returned to the hive. If they aren't, the fate of the natural world is in jeopardy.

Discover nature, science, and culture. The game can be downloaded for free and is played at participating sites.


How to download the App (you'll need WiFi)

  • The app is free!
  • Got to the app store on your phone and type in Agents of Discovery
  • Download the app and take the easy and fun training (all agents have to have a little training)
  • Find the Mission Sites around you based on your GPS location so make sure your GPS is turned on!
  • Download the Mission Site(s) and look for your first clue. You can hit the scan button in your tool kit or by scanning the first QR code
  • And ta-da! You're ready to begin your first mission !

How to Play

  • Keep scanning for QR codes or by using your GPS location to find the challenges
  • Use your surrounding to answer the questions
  • When you finish all of the challenges find a Forest Ranger or staff memeber to collect your prize!
Agents of Discovery cartoon mountain goat

  Good luck Agents!






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Agents of Culture Mission 49: Journey to Alaska's Past Find challenges hidden throughout the museum  to learn about the history and culture of the  49th state, Alaska

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