Forest Service announces intent to establish a Tongass Federal Advisory Committee, seeks candidates to serve

Release Date: Jan 23, 2014

Contact(s): Nichole McMurren, 907-772-5875

KETCHIKAN, Alaska – On Monday, January 13, 2014, the U.S. Forest Service published its intent ( establish a federal advisory committee to provide advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture and the Chief of the Forest Service on developing a sustainable forest management strategy for the Tongass National Forest, with an emphasis on supporting a transition to young growth management. The Forest Service is now seeking nominations to fill fifteen vacancies. The committee will include a diverse group of stakeholders and will operate in a way that is open, transparent, and accessible to the public.

The Tongass Federal Advisory Committee is being established as a result of both the five-year review of the Tongass Land Management Plan and a July memorandum from the Secretary of Agriculture, Addressing Sustainable Forestry in Southeast Alaska. The Committee will be expected to provide advice on transitioning to young growth in a manner that supports the existing forest industry in Southeast Alaska. Advice from the Committee may also inform modification of the Tongass Land Management Plan.

The U.S. Forest Service invites persons interested in serving on the Tongass Advisory Committee to submit a nomination by March 7, 2014. Any individual or organization may nominate one or more qualified persons; individuals may also nominate themselves.

Individuals knowledgeable about ecological, social, and economic issues impacting Southeast Alaska are encouraged to apply. Members will be selected to provide balanced and broad representation within the following interests: federally-recognized tribes, Alaska Native organizations and/or Alaska Native corporation representatives; national or regional environmental and/or conservation organizations; timber industry representatives; federal, state and local government representatives; and commercial users, those holding land use permits, or the public at large.

Nominations must contain a completed application packet that includes the nominee’s name, resume, and completed form AD-755 (Advisory Committee Membership Background Information). The form AD-755 may be obtained from the Forest Service contact person or the following website:

If the nominee is representing an organization, please indicate the organization. Please send the package via US Postal Service to Nicole McMurren, U.S. Forest Service, P.O. Box 309, Petersburg, AK 99833. Written nominations must be received by March 7, 2014.

Committee members do not receive pay, but they can be reimbursed for travel expenses to meetings.

For additional information, contact Nicole McMurren, U.S. Forest Service, Tongass National Forest, at 907-772-5875; email: To view the notice in the Federal Register, visit