TIP Tongass Integrated Plan

By working with local communities and partners, the Forest Service has focused on increasing forest stewardship opportunities on the Tongass through the “Tongass Integrated Plan.”(TIP) The Plan emphasizes projects that include a combination of timber sales, watershed restoration and habitat improvement, and road decommissioning and maintenance. Projects will focus on combined opportunities in concentrated areas, rather than spreading projects across a geographically disparate range. This approach creates advantages for local contractors, reducing equipment mobilization and demobilization needs. It also allows the agency to leverage and stretch its own funding, thereby supporting more projects across the Forest. In addition to integrated, landscape level projects the Tongass will continue to offer single program projects, such as a stream restoration, road, or timber project.

Below are links to a letter from the Forest Supervisor, a summary of the TIP, a spreadsheet with the projects, single program project spreadsheets, and a map.