Ross Adams Mine Cleanup Project

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) process assesses site conditions, evaluates hazards to humans and the natural environment, determines the level of cleanup required and selects an appropriate cleanup alternative.

Projects on this list have been or currently are being investigated for potential human health and environmental impacts. Various stages are represented, including Investigation (Abbreviated Preliminary Assessment, Site Inspection), Alternative Evaluation (Risk Assessment, Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis) and Cleanup (Removal Action). Progression through the stages depends on findings and recommendations from the preceding stage. Each project contains all available documents.

Ross-Adams Mine 

Administrative Record Files

The Administrative Record is complete.
Hard copy Information Repository is located in the Regional Office in Juneau. Questions or to view documents please contact or 907-419-5126. 

Non-Time Critical Removal Action

Monthly Progress Reports

Approved Reports

Project Schedule

Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent for the Non-Time Critical Removal Action January-November 2020

News Releases for Final ASAOC

Notice of Final ASAOC-RA to Respondents to the Settlement Agreement September 2020

Response Letters to Comments on the ASAOC September 2020

Comments on the ASAOC July/August 2020

Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent for the Removal Action (ASAOC-RA) January/July 2020

Non-Time Critical Removal Action Memorandum April 2018

Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) April 2015

Defines and evaluates the range of removal action (cleanup) alternatives to mitigate potential risk from historic mining activities by addressing the mine rock materials adjacent min-affected areas, and affected media defined by the SCR (April 2015)  

Expanded Site Investigation (ESI) November/December 2010

Undertaken in 2009 in accordance with the ASAOC Statement of Work to address data gaps identified by previous investigations by collecting additional data and information to characterize the physical, chemical and radiological conditions of the Site. Gamma radiation surveys and soil, surface water, stream sediment, marine sediment, and ambient air sampling were performed. The ESI also included a biological assessment, an engineering assessment, and an assessment of land use conditions of the Site and subsistence resource use in the regional area. The Site Characterization Report (SCR) describes the work conducted and presents the results and conclusions of the 2009 ESI. A Draft SCR was submitted in March 2010 for review by the Forest Service, Organized Village of Kasaan, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and EPA. The Final SCR, which incorporates agency comments, was approved by the Forest Service in December 2010.

Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) for the Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis and Risk Assessment at the Ross-Adams Site June/September 2009

Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent for the EE/CA (ASAOC-EECA April 2009

Letter from City of Hydaburg March 2009

Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection (PASI) December 2004

Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection Work Plan April 2004

Preliminary Assessment September 1998

Key Contacts