Open House Meeting April 26 features ideas for new facilities at the Mendenhall Glacier

Contact(s): Paul Robbins Jr.

JUNEAU, Alaska, April 11, 2018 – The Forest Service is hosting an open house meeting April 26, 2018, between 4–7 p.m. at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center (MGVC). The meeting will share the work for proposed new facilities around the visitor center and within the larger recreation area. Sketches, maps and illustrations will be available to enhance discussion.

After multiple public meetings and workshops, these proposed facilities respond to current and expected needs and demands over the next ten to twenty years for all visitors. Public input will assist the team in refining the planning and design of these facilities before consideration for environmental review.

Forest Service officials are working with Corvus Design to create a Facility Master Plan for the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area and Visitor Center. The plan is intended to create a vision that matches increasing demand with changing landscapes, updating infrastructure to meet those challenges, according to Alaska Region Recreation Director James King.

Planning started in September of 2016 and will continue toward a decision in late 2018. The last public meeting was in August of 2017, when experts helped guided a discussion about the transit system, trails, viewing platforms, buildings, and more. As the glacier continues to recede from the visitor center, discussions focus on how to respond.

The MGVC accommodates more than a half-million visitors annually, meeting demands for basic amenities, inspirational views, engaging displays and memorable wildlife watching. Recently, the cruise industry announced 19% more visitors arriving by ship in 2019, for an approximate total of 1.3 million passengers, half of which will want to see the glacier. Working with the community and partners will help create sustainable solutions to meet the increased demand while also accounting for the needs of residents.

Corvus Design’s website contains valuable information from past meetings and updates.

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