Tongass National Forest Christmas tree cutting - A fun activity for the entire family

Release Date: Nov 23, 2021

Contact(s): Sandra Moore

KETCHIKAN, Alaska, Nov. 23, 2021— It’s that time of year to cut your perfect Christmas tree on the Tongass National Forest. Permits are not required to cut a Christmas tree on the Forest for personal use. One tree per year is allowed for each household. Check your area Motor Vehicle Use Map to confirm land ownership at before cutting. Please abide by the following guidance when cutting your tree:

  • Trees should be no larger than seven inches at the diameter at the stump.
  • Trees should be cut as close to the ground as possible.
  • Do not top a larger tree.
  • Do not cut a tree and then discard it for another one you may find more desirable.
  • Trees should not be harvested from muskegs because regeneration of new trees in these areas is slow.
  • Trees may not be cut from any developed Forest Service recreation sites.
  • Trees may not be cut from land within 330 feet of a bald eagle nest (often located near water).
  • If cutting your tree in a Wilderness area, use only a hand saw or axe.
  • The tree cannot be sold, bartered or used in any commercial-type exchange for goods.

Please call your local district for more information:

For interviews and information to be used for publication, contact the Tongass Public Affairs Officer at 530-640-1168.


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