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Are you interested in the projects and activities that happen on the Tongass National Forest? Would you like to learn more and maybe share your recommendations or concerns? You can now sign up to receive email updates for any or all current and future Tongass National Forest management projects being analyzed under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

To access Forest mailing lists, click the link below and provide your email address.

Tongass National Forest Quick Subscribe Page link

After providing your email address, you will see a selection of project mailing lists arranged in different categories of interest. If you select a project, you will receive emails when information becomes available for that project only. By selecting a category such as a Ranger District or a purpose like Recreation Management, you automatically sign up for all current project mailing lists AND future project mailing lists that share the same category. Signing up by category assures you receive future project information on the topics of your choice. You may also use the system at any time to add or delete projects or categories, or to remove yourself from the entire system.  Use this link for more detailed instructions on how to sign up for Tongass project mailing lists. 

For more information or if you’re having trouble using the electronic mailing list system, contact Michelle Putz at 907-747-4278.

Not interested in receiving information by email, but want to learn a little more about the projects and activities happening on the Tongass? Check out individual projects on our projects webpage.