Recreational Passes

Various Tonto passes

What type of pass do I need?

The Tonto Daily Pass and Tonto Discovery Pass provide access to picnic areas and shorelines within the Tonto National Forest. Tonto Daily Passes with a Watercraft Use Sticker and Tonto Discovery Passes provide access to the Boat LaunchesCampgrounds require use of the designated fee machines. 

List with descriptions of our passes and available locations

List with descriptions of campgrounds, shorelines, picnic areas, and boat launches.

I'm going:

Tonto Passes will not be accepted in lieu of campground fees. All fees are addressed in individual campsite webpages. Passes are necessary for most of our recreation sites. Please check to see if you need a pass and make sure you have your pass before you leave for the forest.

Where can I purchase a pass?

Retail Outlets

Daily Passes and Watercraft stickers can be purchased at designated vendors.

Ranger District Offices

All of the passes for the Forest are available at each Ranger District. Ranger District information can be found on the side bar, or at Ranger District Information.

Tonto National Permits

There are Recreation Permits available on the Tonto National Forest so that individuals can receive permission to use certain parts of the Forest. Tonto National Forest program managers will accept only one application per person during the designated application period.  A permit holder must be at least 18 years of age and qualified to organize a non-commercial, multiple-day trip

List of Permits Available:

  • Salt River Permits – These permits allow users to go on multi-day rafting trips through the Salt River Canyon Wilderness.