Leave No Trace

To help preserve the primitive character of the Wilderness, visitors are urged to practice the "NO TRACE" technique of travel and camping. Here are a few tips:

  • Remember, others will follow you. Leave the area as you would like to find it upon your return.
  • Pack out all trash. Any container packed in full can be packed out empty. Do not bury trash; animals will just dig it up after you leave.
  • Select a campsite away from trails and any other campers. Try not to impact on the site any more than necessary. Do not cut branches from tree and shrubs, and please avoid any activities which will degrade the site for others. Pick a tent site that is well drained and do not "trench" the perimeter of the tent.
  • Water sources are not abundant and must be carefully protected from pollution.
  • Camp at least 300 feet away from any water source, especially streams and springs. Carrying lightweight water containers will give you the freedom to camp away from water sources.
  • Dogs disturb wildlife and other wilderness users. If you must bring a dog, be sure it is under control at all times.
  • If you need a fire, keep it small and away from rock outcrops. Instead of building a fire ring which blackens the rocks and creates an aesthetic impact, dig a small pit for your fire. After use, the ashes can be mixed with the dirt to naturalize the site.
  • Lightweight stoves are highly encouraged as an alternative to the traditional campfire, and they have much less impact on the campsite.
  • Cigarette butts, orange peels, etc.. are all litter. PACK IT IN - PACK IT OUT!


Serious disease problems have been traced to poor hygiene and food handling practices. Here are some tips:

  • When nature calls, select a suitable spot well away from any water source. Dig a "cathole" 4 to 6 inches deep. After use, fill in the hole completely, burying the waste, and toilet paper.
  • Be sure soap and water are available (and used) after using the latrine, especially before cooking.
  • Large groups should establish a latrine or use a portable toilet for packing out waste.
  • A small shovel or garden trowel, and a roll of toilet paper in a small bag make a fine personal toilet if used correctly.