Christmas Tree Permits

String of Christmas lights with pine boughs

The Tonto National Forest sells a limited number of personal use Christmas Tree permits to the public each fall.  Permits are first come, first served until sold out.  The number of permits will vary by location. 

At a Glance

  • Please be sure to place the tag on the tree as soon as it is cut. 

  • Valid dates, maps, instructions and restrictions are provided when you purchase your permit. This information may change from year to year.  

  • You may cut any species of tree. 

  • Trees must be cut within designated cutting areas. 

  • The tallest tree you may cut from ground level is 10 feet. 

  • Cut stumps to within 8 inches of ground level. 

  • Trees must not be greater than 6 inches in diameter breast high. 

  • Boughs and branches trimmed from trees cut for Christmas trees may be taken for decorations.  Do not cut branches from other trees. 

  • Any part of the tree left on the ground must be spread out to within 24 inches of the ground.  This will provide a more pleasing appearance to the area and reduce the fire hazard through faster decomposition of the branches.