Forest Product Permits

Forest Resources: Tribal Collection Policy

Collection of forest products such as the gathering of medicinal plants, wild plant foods, and basketry materials is allowed on the forest by members of Indian Tribes. Permits are not required for this activity. It is encouraged that individuals carry proof of tribal membership while gathering on the forest. For questions and information contact the Heritage Program Manager at (602) 225-5231.

Collection of Forest Resources: Tribal Members


  • It is necessary to obtain a permit to remove fuelwood from the National Forest. 
  • The Tonto National Forest issues fuelwood permits at most district offices. 
  • The permits are only issued to customers in person from April 1 to December 31, and expire on December 31.

Permit and Collecting Areas

Fuelwood gathering is allowed on the following Ranger Districts:

  • Globe
  • Payson
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Tonto Basin

Fuelwood gathering is prohibited on the following Ranger Districts:

  • Cave Creek
  • Mesa

Fuelwood Permits

Tonto National Forest Offers Fuelwood Permits In Person

Beginning April 1, 2022, personal use fuelwood permits will go on sale. Customers needing fuelwood permits must visit their local district office during regular business hours to purchase a permit. Fuelwood permits can be purchased using debit/credit card, check or money order.

All requests should include name, address, Permittee Identification (ie: driver’s license number), vehicle information, product you wish to purchase and a phone number. Customer must sign and date the letter. Requests must be mailed to the local district office. Please be patient, as completed permits will be mailed back to you

Two types of personal use fuelwood permits are available:

  1. Paid personal use fuelwood
  2. Free personal use fuelwood

Permits are valid April 1 - December 31.  Maps and instructions are provided with each permit.


Paid Personal Use:


Free Personal Use:


Paid Personal Use Fuelwood

  • Down Dead (all species), Dead Standing Juniper/Cypress up to 18” diameter at the base (measured at one foot up from ground level), and Dead Standing Pine up to 12” diameter at 4.5 feet above ground.
  • Up to 10 Cords per household per year; $20 minimum
  • Permit are sold at ranger districts.  Fuelwood may be cut on portions of Payson, Pleasant Valley, Globe, and Tonto Basin ranger districts.
  • Dead standing mesquite up to 12” diameter may be cut on portions of the Tonto Basin Ranger District.

Free Personal Use Fuelwood:  Free use pine may be cut on portions of Payson and Young ranger districts ONLY.

  • Down Dead Ponderosa and Pinyon Pine, and Dead Standing Pine up to 12” in diameter (measured at 4 ½’ up from ground level),
  • 4 Cords, Free Use.  Fuelwood collected with a free use permit may not be resold. 
  • Limit one free-use permit per household per year.
  • Permits are issued at Payson, Tonto Basin, and Globe ranger districts.
    • Payson Ranger District - (928) 474-7900
    • Globe Ranger District – (928) 402-6200
    • Tonto Basin Ranger District – (602) 225-5395
  • A free-use permit for down dead fuelwood around Roosevelt Lake is available at the Tonto Basin ranger district.

Fuelwood Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why are fuelwood permits not issued January-March?
A: No harvesting or cutting of fuelwood, or any other personal-use forest products, is allowed during this time period to prevent damaging forest lands and roads.

Q: What is “Dead and Down?”
A: Dead and Down is a tree or part of a tree lying on the ground as a result of natural mortality or because of previous legal timber sales or permitted harvesting.

Q: Do I need a permit to gather fuelwood while camping?
A: You do not need a permit if the fuelwood is only for use during your camping stay. Be sure to use dead and down material only.

Q: While cutting fuelwood for my home, do I need to have my permit with me?
A: Yes.  Fuelwood permits must be with the person gathering the fuelwood .

Q: May I cut fuelwood for someone else on his or her permit?
A: Only if you are accompanying the permit holder, or if you are a designated cutter.

Q: What should we bring when harvesting fuelwood ?
A: You should bring your permit, load tags, an axe or a chainsaw equipped with a spark arrester, and items such as drinking water and snacks. It is always wise to be prepared for an emergency by bringing extra clothing, blankets, a shovel, a first-aid kit and a flashlight.

Q: May I receive more than one permit to gather fuelwood ?
A: Yes, up to a total of 10 cords per household per year.

Q: Where may I obtain a permit?
A: You may obtain a free-use permit for 4 cords of dead pine at three Tonto National Forest district offices: Globe, Payson and Tonto Basin.  Five  ranger districts and the forest Supervisor's Office in Phoenix issue paid fuelwood gathering permits: Globe, Payson, Tonto Basin, Cave Creek and Mesa.

Q: Where may we gather fuelwood ?
A: Four of the six Tonto National Forest ranger districts allow permit holders to gather fuelwood on portions of the districts.  There are no fuelwood gathering permits for Mesa and Cave Creek districts.